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By: Doreen Yaffa

Can a Child Custody Attorney Help Me Modify My Timesharing Schedule?

Custody and Support

A strenuous aspect of divorce is coming up with a parenting plan that outlines a clearly defined timesharing schedule. Because each parent has different work schedules, including days off and hours off, it may be difficult to optimize the time a child gets to see each parent. Some parents opt to have custody of their child every other week, others take the child for certain portions of the year. Every parent is different. Coming to an agreement can be harder than ever without the proper legal help by your side. Our child custody lawyers can mediate your agreement and help steer you in the right direction to ensure your child gets favorable results.

How Can a Child Custody Attorney Benefit Me?

Arguments about timesharing schedules or contentious child custody battles can be detrimental to the progress of your divorce and the mental health of everyone involved. The more calm and amicable a divorce is, the easier it may be to move on from in the future. Having a child custody attorney can provide you with the invaluable benefit of peace-of-mind knowing that the toughest of tasks will be taken care of by a legal professional who has your child’s best interests in mind.

What If My Child’s Custodial Parent is Mistreating Them?

If you suspect your child is being mistreated by their primary caregiver, we can help you fight for your child’s custody to get them away from a potentially damaging situation. Ensuring your child’s safety is our utmost priority and we will do whatever it takes to bring them the solace they deserve.

Is a Child Custody Attorney Worth It?

Divorce can bring a lot of headaches. From the division of property to alimony agreements, juggling the many layers of a divorce can stress you out like nothing else. This can be especially true when there are children involved. With something as important as determining who will maintain primary custody of your child to figuring out an effective timesharing and visitation schedule, divorce can be overwhelming. With a child custody lawyer like the ones from Yaffa Family Law Group, we can give you the service and care you need to get through any child custody issues you may be facing. We can mediate sessions to ensure fairness for you and to maximize the benefits of your child. At Yaffa Family Law Group, we put children first and ensure we keep them in mind with every bit of advice we give and every action we take. Contact any of our law offices today to receive more information about how we can serve you.