Yaffa Family Law Group
By: Doreen Yaffa

Children of Divorce (When Parents Are Older)


Although it is common for adults in their 50-80’s to be empty nesters, timesharing of children may still be an issue when divorcing. However, when adults in this age range do have children, it is more likely that they are teenagers. This means that the timesharing schedule will likely be an issue up for discussion. Unfortunately, teens care more about spending time with their friends than seeing their mother every two days and it is not as necessary as when the children are toddlers. Accordingly, a timesharing schedule would differ depending on the age of the children.

1-2 Children of Divorce (When Parents Are Older)

Popular timesharing schedules include what is called a 2-2-3 timesharing schedule. With a 2-2-3, one parent has the child(ren) for two days, the other parent has the child(ren) for the next two days, and then they go back and forth to the parent for a three-day weekend. Each parent has equal time during the week and then alternating weekends with the child(ren). Another common timesharing schedule is alternating weeks, or week on/week off. This is more popular for couples with older children. It is a lot easier for teens to go to one parent’s house for a week and then alternate rather than every couple of days. Teenagers also don’t require as much time each week with individual parents as toddlers and infants do for their development.

Although they are older, adolescent’s dealing with their parents’ divorce may not only be affected physically such as traveling back and forth between two homes, but also may be affected emotionally. While it is inevitable and likely, parents divorcing can still try to ease the pain and make it easier on the child(ren). Keeping the divorce as amicable as possible for the sake of the kids is the most important. The less fighting and arguing the child(ren) witness or have to hear about, the more likely they are to have an easier time dealing with the situation.

2-2 Children of Divorce (When Parents Are Older)

Divorce is tough on everyone involved but it affects teens differently than young children or adults. Choosing the timesharing schedule that is best for the child(ren) is what is most important.