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By: Doreen Yaffa

Does My Child Need a Lawyer Too?


“Every good thing that has happened in your life has happened because something changed.”-Unknown

Oftentimes when contemplating divorce, children are not the first thing on peoples’ minds. They sometimes take a back seat when it comes to what is actually in their best interest during a divorce. Not to say that everyone contemplating divorce is selfish, or not taking the time to consider what is in their child’s best interest, but oftentimes, when thinking of filing for divorce, people “see red.”

They want the quickest way out or the most painful way out for the cheating spouse, and they are not necessarily thinking about what is in their child’s best interest. For example, maybe your spouse is attempting to seek full custody of your child simply to hurt you. Or maybe your spouse is an alcoholic and spiraling out of control. You know it is unsafe for your child to be alone with your spouse right now, but what can you do? Should you stay in the marriage just to protect your child? Or is there another way?

While it is not common for children to have legal counsel during divorce proceedings, sometimes it is necessary. A guardian ad litem can be appointed, who will serve as an advocate for your child during this difficult process. There are barred attorneys who specialize in advocating directly for the child and what is in their best interest. Not what mom thinks. Not what dad thinks. But what is BEST for your child. While creating the parenting plan portion of the divorce proceedings, a guardian ad litem can be appointed by the Court to hear what the CHILD has to say about the plan. The guardian ad litem reports directly to the Judge and can be an essential part of a volatile divorce.

Bottom line: You’re not stuck. You can get out and still protect your child at the same time.

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