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By: Doreen Yaffa

Don’t Believe the Grey Divorce Stereotypes


Does divorce over the age of 50 automatically mean a mid-life crisis? Empty nest? Does retirement mean divorce is imminent? These are all stereotypes that you’ll hear when the topic of grey divorce is brought up. In fact, most grey divorces that happen are connected to long-term issues with the marriage. There are plenty of opportunities to be happy after a grey divorce.

Yaffa Family Law Group knows the process and complications that grey divorce can bring. We know that more often than not, it’s a step that people must take in order to live a free and happy life.

Grey Divorce is on the Rise

“Grey Divorce” is a divorce that happens with a couple that is over the age of 50 and it’s becoming more and more common in today’s society. While it’s still more common for younger couples to divorce than those in their middle and late years, the grey divorce rate has more than doubled since 1990. Some of this can be explained by the aging of the “Baby Boom” generation which has always been less reluctant to divorce overall than previous generations.

This new phenomenon has already gathered stereotypes that can often scare others from wanting to go through with the process. Here are some facts that can bust those stereotypes.

What Factors Lead to Grey Divorces?

The fact is that most grey divorces are caused by the same factors that would cause any other divorce: the existence of a previous marriage or short marital duration. When we look at people over the age of 50, the divorce rate is 2.5 times higher among those who have been divorced before. People who have been married for less than 10 years are almost 10 times more likely to divorce than those who have been married for over 40 years.

Do Older Couples Stay Together to Avoid Splitting Finances?

This is true for some couples, but those who are wealthier and more educated are more likely to stay together. One study considered whether or not the retirement of one or both of the spouses was a factor in grey divorce. It was not seen as a factor although unemployment was.

Is Grey Divorce Caused By New Issues?

Typically, there are problems that have been building over time. Infidelity is even seen as a symptom rather than a cause of marital unhappiness. Most couples will often stay together until their children are fully grown, but this doesn’t make the issues any less real.

No matter the nature of a divorce, there will also be grief. If you were married for several years, there’s a lot of history and emotion to be considered. Even with the separation is agreed upon by both parties, both spouses will still need time to unwind and find closure within themselves.

It’s important to know that you will recover and find happiness again, even if the divorce wasn’t your idea. Sprouting from the divorce is more opportunities than ever before.

Need Help with Grey Divorce?

If you’re going through a grey divorce or thinking about it, the Yaffa Family Law Group is here to help you. Our team of professional divorce attorneys wants to be on your side to help guide you through this challenging time. We’ll help you get everything you deserve and recover in the best way possible. If you need help with grey divorce, visit our contact page today so we can help.