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How is Child Support Calculated in Florida?

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Whenever child support is an issue in Florida, whether it be a divorce or paternity matter, both parties are required to complete financial affidavits that detail their income and expenses.

Once the net income is determined for each party, these two net income figures are added together. The court then consults the Child Support Guidelines or calculator.

The Florida child support calculator determines the number of payments, the majority parent, and the non-majority partner. After this resolve, child support attorneys help to calculate child support and both parent’s net income based on their gross earnings, less the deductibles.

The courts scrutinize the standard of living and the needs for the child/ren before the separation/divorce. Child support court guidelines ensure that the child obtains the same lifestyle even after the divorce. It also ensures that the child does not suffer extreme child care distress.

We all know that raising children is costly; the financial obligations may press in on a parent authorized by the courts to fulfill the Florida child support payments. It is unfortunate that a family undergoing financial constraints cannot co-exist together.

How A Qualified Florida Family Lawyer Can Help

Although the Florida child support calculator isn’t as mysterious as many believe, it is beneficial for you to ask for professional assistance from our child support lawyers. We help you in filing all the necessary paperwork and ensure that you accurately reveal your gross income as per the legal requirements.

The team at Yaffa Family Law Group will help with child support modifications in cases where you received a change of job, or if you lost your job. Let us help you manage your child support financial calculations the right way. We are available to assist with your income compilation as well as your tax deductibles as required in any child support payments.


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