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By: Doreen Yaffa

How Long Will I Receive Child Support Benefits?

Custody and Support

An unfortunate part of going through a divorce is having to adjust how you support your child. While in a marriage, your child would depend on you providing them their necessities directly, after a divorce, that support may look much different, especially if you have to pay for child support. If you are receiving child support from the non-custodial parent, you may be wondering just how long you will continue to receive those benefits. The answer to that depends on various factors including how much income do both parents receive, how old is the child, and what are the child’s needs? For example, if your child has a serious health condition that will afflict them for the rest of their life, it is possible that you will have to continue paying child support for a longer period of time than someone else who did not have a child with a similar condition. Every case is different so it’s important to contact a child support attorney to make sure you are being treated fairly and your child is getting the support they need.

Do Benefits Stop After Children Turn Eighteen?

In many states, children become “adults” after reaching the age of eighteen. Child support benefits may or may not stop when they reach this age, depending on their needs. Many eighteen-year-olds decide to attend college which the support-paying parent may need to continue assisting with. Consult with an attorney about your circumstances to see if you are paying or receiving a fair amount of support.

What If I Have a Child With Special Needs?

Children with special needs may need to continue child support, longer than any age threshold. If you believe you aren’t being paid the fair amount of child support needed to provide your special needs child with the care they deserve, contact us to see how we can help you with your case.

How Can Having a Child Support Lawyer Benefit Me?

Child support can be an integral part of the divorce process. It is important that your child is well taken care of, no matter the factors that affect how much child support they receive. Of course, as children get older or as life happens, circumstances change. With these ever-changing circumstances, making sure your child is still getting all the support they can get is as important as ever. Whether you need help enforcing your child support or modifying it, a child support lawyer can take the stress out of a high-stakes situation and lead you to the best outcome possible. Yaffa Family Law Group knows how important your child is and we will do whatever it takes to make sure your child is supported as well as possible. Contact any of our law offices today to schedule a free consultation for your case.