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By: Doreen Yaffa

How To Prepare To File For Divorce in Boca Raton


In the state of Florida, the definition of divorce is “dissolution of marriage”. The ability to place fault as a ground for divorce has been abolished in Florida. This law was put in place in order to lessen the harm to the wife, husband, and their children while going through the divorce process. All that is required to prepare to file for divorce in Boca Raton is that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”. When this is the case, either spouse can file for divorce.

Before the actual divorce can take place in Boca Raton, a few things must be proven first. These include:

  • The marriage actually exists 
  • One party has been a Florida resident for six months immediately preceding the filing of the petition
  • The marriage is irretrievably broken

Yaffa Family Law wants to help guide you through this process. Going through a divorce is a challenging time for everyone involved. Having a group you can trust can help make the process a little easier since we’ll be there to guide you through each step.

Preparing for Divorce 

If you’ve been considering a divorce, there are a few things to keep in mind and be ready for. Each divorce case is unique in its own way. This means that the results will vary and every outcome is usually different. As stated before, the fault is not an issue in granting the dissolution. However, the Division of Property and Possessions, responsible for support, and parental responsibility, and time-sharing with children may become contested matters. 

During a divorce, it’s normal for emotions to run high. Stress, fear, and uncertainty can occupy every thought you have. That’s why the Yaffa Family Law group is here for you. Having us around will make the preparations to file for divorce in Boca Raton much easier and will begin the steps to a fresh start. This is why it’s so important to have a group that has extensive knowledge of divorce cases.

Legal Preparations

You and your partner may not be aware of the different legal rights and obligations they have. This is normal as it’s not something that you would think of. It is for this reason that you should seek legal advice from an attorney. Going into a divorce with no attorney or plan of what you’re going to do can leave you without certain rights. 

Your New Life 

We are here to protect you. Our protection will help you keep your best interests and protect your financial future. Once you file for divorce in Boca Raton, it’s time to make sure you get exactly what you need. 

Residents of Boca Raton have relied on the Yaffa Family Law Group for years to help with their divorce process. 

Have You Begun To File For Divorce in Boca Raton?

If you have begun to file for divorce in Boca Raton, now is the time to get a reliable lawyer on your side. Yaffa Family Law wants to protect you and your rights. If you have any questions or you’re ready to protect yourself, visit our contact page or call us at 561.276.3880.