Yaffa Family Law Group
By: Doreen Yaffa

Meet Cara Elkin

Divorce, Interviews

Why did you get into family law?

During my Undergraduate studies, I interned at the Legal Aid Society of Orange County in Orlando. I worked strictly on domestic abuse matters which sparked my interest in family law. I continued working at other family law firms throughout my undergraduate and law school career and I soon realized that assisting others, when they are at their lowest, to move on to a happier life is what I wanted my life’s purpose to be.

Tell us a little bit about your history.

I went to the University of Central Florida where I majored in Legal Studies and interned at multiple family law firms up until my graduation. After graduation I packed up and moved to the Big Apple with just my pup and my then boyfriend to start my legal career. I attended Brooklyn Law School with big plans to stay and practice in New York City until the pandemic hit forcing me to move home to South Florida. That was the best thing to ever happen to me as it brought me back home to Boca Raton where upon my graduation from law school, I accepted a position here at Yaffa Family Law Group and couldn’t’ be happier. You truly bloom where you are planted.

What’s the most challenging thing that you encounter when you’re handling a case?

A lot of people when going through a divorce can’t see the other side of the trials (literally) and tribulations. They sometimes lose sight of what they are fighting for and start to give up or even sometimes veer off track and start to get hurtful towards they’re soon to be ex-spouse. When it comes to this, especially when there are children involved, I try and explain to the clients that the children are most important and even if they aren’t involved, that filing careless motions and becoming unkind is not our style and not how you get things solved.

What do you like to do for fun?

Me and my Husband are big Disney people. We love to travel to Disney about once a month and although many people don’t understand how, we never get sick of it! What many people don’t know is Disney is not all about the rides and shows, it has some of the most amazing restaurants. We love trying something new every time we go there.

Tell us something about yourself that the world wouldn’t know!

In the legal field, we tend to use our logical and methodical parts of our brains and less of our creative side. My Husband and I just got married this past December and we purchased our first home together a few months ago. I have been completely renovating the whole home including painting the kitchen cabinets, installing new flooring in all the bathrooms, and even installing new railings from scratch. I love using my creative mind not only in my time away from work, but in my work as well. Creativity helps me with marketing and even in our case meetings to figure out the best strategy to get our clients the best results.