Yaffa Family Law Group
By: Doreen Yaffa

Monday Message: August 24, 2020

Looking Forward: Building an Amazing Life

Right and Wrong

I want to change your mindset from right vs. wrong to thinking right and wrong.

Currently, we’re dealing with racial inequality and the troubled political battle on a daily basis. We may have had the judgment that we’re right in our opinions and that others are wrong. However, what I suggest is we shift our thinking to there is both right and wrong and outlooks on life can be diverse according to different people.

When you reflect on your personal actions, think about how you give your all sometimes, and not at others, or how we are right sometimes, but also wrong at others. It should give you some relief knowing you do not have to be perfect and by the same token, no one else is perfect either.

This week, take the time to look at the other side and be open-minded. We’re all just humans trying to get through. Our perspective may not always be the same perspective of others and that’s okay.

When we can accept this, we can live in a place of harmony.
Stay healthy in mind and body

Doreen Yaffa
Board Certified Marital & Family Attorney, Life Coach

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