Yaffa Family Law Group
By: Doreen Yaffa

Monday Message: January 11, 2021


It Takes 21 Days to Develop a Habit

A habit is defined as a regular practice, especially one that is hard to give up. We have good habits and we have bad habits. Good habits are hard to develop. Bad habits are hard to get rid of. Accomplishing a goal requires good habits.

Here’s how to develop a good habit: First, work backward to understand what it takes to get to your goal. Then, work on developing the habit that it will take to reach that goal. For example, we all know that health goals require certain habits such as eating well and exercising. If we develop those habits and apply them on a daily basis, we can reach our goals.

The same is true with any goal that you have. It takes 21 days to develop a habit – bad or good. I challenge you to work on your habits to reach your goals.

Wishing you an amazing week.

Doreen Yaffa

Board Certified Marital & Family Attorney, Life Coach

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