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By: Doreen Yaffa

Monday Message: January 25, 2021


These Monday Morning Messages Are For You

Each Monday, as a marital and family law attorney in Florida for over 27 years, and as a certified coach, I share my perspective with those of you that are thinking about divorce, in the middle of a divorce, or even post-divorce. With this, along with my personal life experiences in mind, I will talk about an array of subjects while combining martial law with life coaching to help you make great decisions. Divorce is not easy. It hurts, and I understand that it’s a big step, regardless of what side you are on.

Sometimes in my Monday Morning Message, I will be wearing my coaching hat – helping you open your mind and understanding your feelings and thoughts about yourself and divorce. Other times, I will be wearing my divorce lawyer hat and discussing specific subjects of Florida divorce, such as the different ways to get through the divorce process, alimony, timesharing, or co-parenting. Sometimes, I will be wearing both hats and we will combine coaching with the law of divorce.

Why I am doing this? Because I know so many of you are suffering, having internal battles and your marriages are a big part of this. It is not as easy as just knowing your legal rights and as a lawyer, getting you the best result. There is so much more to it and I believe with my legal credentials and as a coach that has had her own experiences with divorce, I have something to share that could help many of you going through pain and confusion.

I hope you look for my Monday Messages and I welcome you to share them with friends or others that you think might benefit from them. I also welcome you to write me if there is a subject that you or someone you know may want me to dive into. Email me at [email protected]. I look forward to commencing this journey with you. Until then, have a great week and see you next Monday.

Wishing you an amazing week.

Doreen Yaffa

Board Certified Marital & Family Attorney, Life Coach

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