Yaffa Family Law Group
By: Doreen Yaffa

Monday Message: July 20, 2020

Give Yourself the Best Opportunity for Success

If you’ve been keeping up with my Monday Morning message, you’ve been goal setting, putting intentions on paper and then adding those actions to your calendar.

The next step is going for it.

Unfortunately, these days we get very distracted. The second the alarm clock goes off; we reach for our phones and start aimlessly scrolling. We hear a text message ding and instinctively reach for our phone. Next thing we know, we’re going through our emails, checking Facebook and lost in a screen spiral.

At the end of the day, we find ourselves wondering what moved us forward to our goals. If you entered that spiral, it wasn’t much.

My solution: set yourself up for success.

If the above story resonates with you, set aside time, and put your phone in the other room. Turn off the notifications. Turn on ‘do not disturb’ for an hour.

Use that time to focus on working on the project, the next chapter of your book, your master plan, or whatever great goal you’re working on.

Chances are at the end of the hour; the world will still be there in one piece. And, you’ll have accomplished a great deal.

Here’s your game plan for this week:
1. Identify what distracts you the most
2. Find a way to free yourself from it
3. Commit to one hour of focused goal work

Let me know what you accomplish this week! I can’t wait to hear what you’re working on.
Stay healthy in mind and body

Doreen Yaffa
Board Certified Marital & Family Attorney, Life Coach

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