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By: Doreen Yaffa

Starting a New Job During Your Divorce Process


Going through a divorce is a significant change and starting a new job during this time may be overwhelming, but it does not have to be. First, it is important to remember that you have a lot going on right now, so don’t be tough on yourself and do your best to focus on the silver lining of each circumstance.

If you are starting a new job during your divorce, see this as a time to start setting future goals and have your focus elsewhere. Distracting yourself will help you get through the tough times quicker and easier. Place your focus on getting to know your new co-workers, learning your new duties and day-to-day tasks, and settling into your new position. Starting a new job can give you a new positive objective to push your energy and focus to.

It is also possible that this new job is an advancement in your career. The ability to make more money during this process is a great benefit as it could help towards your attorney’s fees, with alimony support payments, and any other fees and costs that you may not have accounted for. Maybe a new job allows you to save more money or gives you access to a 401k that you didn’t have access to before. All of this should be seen as a positive.

Maybe due to your divorce, you need some time to be able to attend hearings or meet with your attorney or attend depositions. In that case, maybe you are accepting a part-time position. If this applies to you, remember that you may be eligible to obtain temporary support or other spousal support to assist you. See Florida Statute 61.08.

It is important to not run yourself too thin and to remember that you always have multiple options. If a part-time position cannot help you meet your financial needs, always remember that Florida courts often can award people starting a new job or going back to school after a divorce with alimony.

Are you starting a new job, and do you also have children at home? Maybe you need a part-time position to enable you the flexibility to care for your child. You may also want to keep this in mind for when you and your spouse are entering into a parenting plan. See Florida Statute 61.13.

Balancing a new job can be difficult and if you tack on a divorce, the balancing act seems overwhelming, but please remember to take a step back and look at the positives of the situation to help you move in the right direction. It helps to consider both sides of any situation. Remember that there are many options out there if this is the situation you find yourself in.

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