Yaffa Family Law Group
By: Doreen Yaffa

What is a Cohabitation Agreement?


While couples or partners in marriages get tremendous benefits and a slew of protections, if needed, from the prospects of a potential break-up down the road, many are left to wonder if such protections are available to couples and partners who are not married or intend to be married. Others may wonder if such agreements exist for platonic relationships such as friends or roommates living together. Luckily, there are options for those types of people. A cohabitation agreement is basically a legal contingency plan if things were to breakdown in a household with people who are not married. This can be a highly beneficial way to put yourself in a favorable position in the future should any hiccups occur with the people you are living with. Cohabitation agreements can be complex to figure out, depending on your situation. To maximize the effect your cohabitation agreement will have in the future, it may be best to reach out to any of our law offices today to see how we can help you and your partner put together a fair cohabitation agreement.

How Can a Cohabitation Agreement Protect Me?

Cohabitation agreements can help dictate the terms of a split-up between two parties. This can determine anything between property division, finances, child custody, and more. A cohabitation agreement is essentially the unmarried equivalent to a nuptial agreement and provides security and protection to many of the same facets nuptial agreements cover.

Are Cohabitation Agreements Essential for Everyone?

You aren’t required to obtain a cohabitation agreement but if you are in a serious relationship that involves you and your significant other sharing finances and home, you may want to seriously consider a cohabitation agreement in case your relationship falls apart. Because you aren’t married, your personal matters may be complex to handle, after the fact.

Can a Family Lawyer Construct an Agreement for Me?

While many overlook or do not even know about cohabitation agreements, it is worth looking into if you are in a situation where your future could be in jeopardy if something were to happen to the people or person you live with. Putting together a cohabitation agreement together on your own can be as worth as much as not putting one together at all if you do not know what is required or even where to begin. A Boca family law lawyer with experience in all sorts of family and domestic-related agreements can help you craft and execute a viable cohabitation agreement that can provide you with long-term security. Contact any of our Florida-based law offices today to learn more about how we can help you with a cohabitation agreement.