As the world becomes more socially conscious about the violent actions of others in a relationship, the more damaging a false allegation can be. Getting ahead of a false allegation can protect you from further damage. Whether the allegation hurled at you had vengeful motives attached to it or it was an attempt by your partner to gain leverage over a divorce proceeding, child custody battle, or alimony case, you deserve to have your rights and freedoms protected. Every day, false accusations ruin the lives of many people but it can be especially damaging if you are being accused of domestic violence. If you are in that unfortunate situation, your best course of action may be to contact our law offices to make sure your reputation does not take a major hit. A false accusation can adversely affect many areas of your life. Be sure to protect yours today with our help.

Can I Be Fired From My Job Just for Being Accused of Domestic Violence?

While your personal life and work-life may be separated, a domestic violence accusation can gain enough steam to eventually cost you your job. Depending on your circumstances, your accusation can end up leading to criminal charges. While that doesn’t automatically mean you are guilty, a charge itself can put you in poor standing with your current and even future employer. Don’t let a domestic violence accusation hold you back from success. Contact our legal team today to work with you during these difficult times.

How Else Can a Domestic Violence Accusation Cause Me Trouble?

Aside from your current and future employment prospects being affected, a domestic violence accusation can be damaging to your image. You may find yourself distanced from many friends and family that once saw you as a close friend. Many people try to keep their distance from people with stained records or reputations because of the fear of damaging their own. Don’t let your social and family life be affected by your accusation. Let us make things right and protect your reputation.

Do I Need a Domestic Violence Attorney for My Case?

No matter why a domestic violence accusation has claimed against you, you should take immediate action and fight back. There are many important asp[ects of your life on the line. Seeking out professional legal help to battle these accusations might be your best bet at restoring your life. Contact Yaffa Family Law Group today to see how we can help you with your case.